Funeral Repatriation of the deceased to/from Ukraine

Repatriation of the deceased from/to Poland

For the Polish community anywhere around the world our Polish speaking specialists can advise about arrangements for coffin repatriation, or cremation and repatriation of the urn from or to Poland.
Our arrangements include dignified care and advice about a memorial service and viewing the deceased before flight departure for repatriation to Poland, as the coffin must remain closed in Poland.
Repatriation of the deceased from/to Poland by flight means transportation is concluded promptly, and as always, with individual attention.
We can also arrange transportation of the deceased from/to Poland via road.
Our Polish repatriation specialists can guide you through all relevant procedures and help with translations.
In general terms, repatriation from/to Poland will take approximately 5-10 working days.

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