International repatriation of the deceased, Funeral repatriation Europe, USA, Canada, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, International funeral services
Перевозки умерших из Европы, Доставка тел умерших Европа, Украина, Россия, Польша, Италия, США
Перевезення померлих з Європи, Перевезення померлих США, Італія, Польша, Росія, Чехія, Україна

Unfortunately, a person's life can suddenly break away from his native city.
And often it happens that the closest relatives and friends of the deceased do not know what to do next - in fact, it is difficult and problematic to organize the process of repatriation of the deceased for long distances.


Funeralia regularly carries out international transportation of people who died throughout Europe by hearse, makes a meeting and shipment of the deceased by airplane, carrying the dead from any, even the most remote country in the world - for Funeralia there are no frontiers.
To arrange transportation of the deceased between the countries - how?


Call Funeralia by phone on the site, write to the mail or in WhatsApp
We will always call you back if you leave a message for us.
Get answers on the terms and prices of transportation of the deceased, for the execution of documents for the deceased, on funeral, cremation and the sale of funeral goods.
Entrust us to organize the transportation of the deceased.
Let us carry out the repatriation of the deceased promptly, responsibly, with respect to the memory of your native person.


For more than 8 years we have been successfully cooperating with embassies, consulates, insurance and assistance companies throughout Europe with the aim of transporting the deceased across the borders.
Transportation of the deceased around the world ensures our membership in FIAT-IFTA, we can arrange the carrying of a coffin with a body from anywhere in the world.


So what is the international funeral services, the international transportation of the deceased, the repatriation of the deceased?
These are negotiations with embassies and consulates, the preparation of documents for the carriage of the body, the preparation of the body of the deceased for prolonged transportation, the receipt of permission for the international carriage of the body, the international transportation of the deceased itself, funeral or cremation in the country of arrival.
All these funeral services are performed by Funeralia - promptly, without intermediaries and at a reasonable price.


Advantages of Funeralia for you, our Clients:
International transportation of the deceased - without intermediaries.
The price of transportation of the deceased is reasonable.
Funeral transport and hearses - new, safe.
If necessary - balm and body makeup of the deceased is carried out by specialists with experience in Europe and the US, which is confirmed by diplomas, certificates and positive reviews.
The international transportation of the deceased - without delays.

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