Funeral Repatriation of the deceased to/from Ukraine

Funeralia Oleg Milinski - About Us

Founded in 2009, Funeralia Repatriation is an accredited member of FIAT/IFTA.
Funeralia Repatriation' specialists are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies to confidently carry out a comprehensive repatriation service and arrangement.
Funeralia Repatriation it's also:

  • The competitivity: Funeralia Repatriation negotiates with the undertakers in order to obtain the best price.
  • The professionalism: Funeralia Repatriation made the funeral assistance since 2009.
  • A complete service: Funeralia organizes from A to Z your repatriation everywhere in the world.
  • The availability: Funeralia Repatriation provides an international assistance reachable 24/7.
  • The speed of action: Funeralia Repatriation provides an immediate intervention and an estimation in live.


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