International repatriation of the deceased, Funeral repatriation Europe, USA, Canada, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, International funeral services
Перевозки умерших из Европы, Доставка тел умерших Европа, Украина, Россия, Польша, Италия, США
Перевезення померлих з Європи, Перевезення померлих США, Італія, Польша, Росія, Чехія, Україна

Posthumous exhumation of the body

Funeral services of body exhumation Ukraine, Russia, Europe, USA, International funeral services around the world

Exhumation of the body is the extraction from the ground of the coffin with the buried corpse and further reburial in another place.

Why exhumation?

Often, for forensic examinations and for changing the place of burial of a person.

Funeralia provides funeral services of exhumation of bodies in Ukraine, Russia, any country in Europe and the world.

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