Funeral Repatriation of the deceased to/from Ukraine

Funeralia Repatriation is an international repatriation company that assists your clients/relatives home to/from Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Germany, Russia, Belarus, any country all over the world when they die.

Nothing to worry, as we help organizations, insurance companies, families & funeral directors providing international repatriation service  to/from Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Germany, Russia, Belarus etc.

Nowadays, international travel and immigration have increase the need for professional international repatriation agency for the deceased.
Funeralia Repatriation is top notch global repatriation company provide repatriation of the deceased or human remains for companies, government, insurance, and assistance organization with care and consideration or private families to/from Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Germany, Russia, Belarus, any country all over the world.
Funeralia Repatriation - is one of the most demanded Russian-speaking international repatriation companies in the world.
We are fluent in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish.
We have established working contacts with Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Italian, German diplomats in any country in the world.
At Funeralia Repatriation we are committed to providing the highest quality of care and services at a reduced cost while maintaining our integrity and ethical standards.


worldwide repatriation

We organise repatriation for families, insurance and assistance companies, corporations, government departments, airlines and funeral directors.
Our international repatriation service transports the deceased all over the world from any destination to any destination.

Our experience

We suggest that you verify our experience in providing of international repatriation of the deceased.
We bring to your attention our archive of funeral, consular and insurance assistance cases.
Each photo is our endless grief and sincere condolences to the family and friends.
Each photo is both memories and experience - after all, every case of repatriation of the decesed is special.
We assure you that you can rely on our decency and responsibility in a difficult moment of grief.

Our offer for assistance & insurance companies

Our global assistance network allows us to help provide corporate repatriation of the deceased all over the world.
We have a network of funeral agents that we can work with to ensure that we deliver your requirements based on your specific needs.
Our network of global funeral assistance companies is ready to help arrange funeral services or corporate repatriation to any destination.

Our offer for diplomats

As a respected representative of your Government, your citizens may seek your guidance if a tragedy occurs in your consular jurisdiction or anywhere around the world.
As global funeral repatriation specialists, Funeralia Repatriation can coordinate repatriation of the deceased to any destination worldwide.
We are often approached when families are unfamiliar with local protocol where the tragedy happened, and need information to decide what arrangements work best for them financially, culturally and emotionally.
Our service includes:

  • Advice from our experienced team
  • Full collection and delivery service
  • Preparation of the deceased
  • A coffin suitable for international transportation
  • Complete documentation service
  • Translations if required
  • Transfer to the airport
  • Flight for the deceased
  • Assistance with the return of luggage
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