International repatriation of the deceased, Funeral repatriation Europe, USA, Canada, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, International funeral services
Перевозки умерших из Европы, Доставка тел умерших Европа, Украина, Россия, Польша, Италия, США
Перевезення померлих з Європи, Перевезення померлих США, Італія, Польша, Росія, Чехія, Україна

Repatriation of the Deceased from/to Scandinavia

Repatriation of the deceased from/to Sweden, Norway, Finland

International funeral services in Sweden, Norway & Finland.
Funeralia performs automobile transportation of coffins with the deceased from Sweden, Norway & Finland to other countries of Europe, to Ukraine, to Russia without intermediaries and at a reasonable price of international repatriation.
Also we ship dead bodies from Sweden, Norway & Finland by plane.
We will arrange the carrying of the deceased from any city in Sweden, Norway & Finland to the country of residence of the deceased responsibly and promptly.
Employees of Funeralia quickly collect and issue documents, will provide qualified assistance to relatives of the deceased.
The price of transportation of the deceased from/to Sweden, Norway & Finland is reasonable, moderate.
Funeralia works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Free and 24-hour legal advices on phones, WhatsApp, for all available variants of communication.
Trust the repatriation of the body of your native and loved one from Sweden, Norway & Finland to the homeland to Funeralia International Funeral Services.

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